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Maya TX Pigment-Based Ultra DTF Printer Inks (1 lt)

Each bottle is 1 liter


Outstanding color density and faithful color reproduction;

Uninterrupted printing for extended periods without ink interruptions;

The print head remains unharmed and user-friendly;

Superb quick-drying capabilities, preventing surface drying and film bleeding;

Delivers a soft tactile experience with excellent tensile properties and resilience;

Achieves high ratings in dry/wet rubbing, washing, and perspiration fastness, ranging from 4 to 5.

Key Facts:

Excellent whiteness and coverage are achieved with white ink.

White ink seamlessly blends with other colors, allowing for substantial white and CMYK ink printing without any ink bleeding between colors.

Provides a soft touch, exceptional tensile strength, and resilience.

Maintains high resolution even after printing.

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